This page has automatically updating graphs (every three hours) showing the difference in the 24 hour average points for Team Mac OS X and its closest rivals, as well as the number of users gained over the past 7 days, and the number of days until overtake.

A green line means that we are gaining on or increasing our lead over them, and a red line means they are gaining on or increasing their lead over us.

Positive trends are good.

The following graphs are based on the past 24 hours. This is to better track recent changes in production (thanks, susato!). The black line shows the moving-average with a period of 1 week.

Us vs. Alliance Francophone Us vs. DL.TV

Number of Days Until Overtake for Alliance Francophone Number of Days Until Overtake for DL.TV

User Gain

A special thanks to the following:
Extreme Overclocking - provides the raw data, and the best stat site on the web for folding@home. - most helpful hosting service on the 'net.
Ploticus - plots the graphs.

As per usual, any mistakes are my fault, not the above listed people.