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January 2012

February 5th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Welcome 2012!  This has been such a strange “winter”, weather wise.  Barely any snow and temperatures stuck in the 40s.   Are we just going to skip this season?  Or is it just delayed?  Curious to see how this affects gardening this summer…

Anyway – on to our family update!

Henry continues to grow and learn.  He has had a perpetual snotty nose for the past two months.  I sometimes forget what he looks like without a schnoz encased in buggers.  Perhaps it’s teething or just a constant battle with little viruses.  His mood, in general, is fine so we’re definitely not worried.  His 10 month birthday brought about a little stranger-danger for Henry, as well as some added clingyness.  I remember when he was younger fearing that he wasn’t attached enough to me for my selfish comfort.  Let’s just say that’s no longer a concern…

He’s doing okay eating more grown-up foods, but he’s definitely a lot more particular than his brother.  I’m hoping some additional teeth will help with meal-times, but we’re still stuck with the six he popped out in the fall.  No new ones in sight, although I suspect that they’ll all come in a cluster eventually.

One added bonus with Henry is that he’s, in general, great in the car.  We remember Lloyd crying for every minute of every car ride for a three-month stretch in his first year and are so thankful Henry has differed from his big bro in this instance.

Lloyd is doing great! Preschool has been an adjustment.  He goes two mornings a week from 9 – 12 and has improved his willingness to participate and interact with other children at every single school day.  We’re so happy to watch him increase his socialization skills.  It really shows when meeting new adults and we even see a difference at home.  All of  a sudden he is a lot more interactive with our cats and with Henry.   Lloyd plays and talks with Henry a lot now and loves to make his brother laugh.

Greg is gearing up for a new project in Ann Arbor come Spring.  Since our honeymoon  of him working in Dexter is coming to an end, we’ve sought out a morning nanny to help us get through the weekday mornings a little easier here at the house.  Cara is a God send who comes and feeds the boys breakfast and then plays a little bit until I finish with my morning work.  She’s an extra blessing on our crazed preschool mornings, helping us all get on coats and shoes so we can get to the car and to school on time.

As for me, I’ve started selling a couple of craft goods on etsy and am entering some quilts into some competitions this spring.  Other than that it’s work and playing with the boys : )

Wishing you a wonderful February!

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  • 1 alison // Feb 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    omg, cutest boys EVER. 🙂

  • 2 Grammie // Feb 6, 2012 at 10:08 am

    yep, they are!! Great update. Great photos. xo

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