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Christmas 2011

January 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment

December is a fun but busy month for us in Brand house.   Lloyd kicks off the month with a birthday celebration, then of course it’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

Lloyd’s been doing great as a 3-year-old dude.  His potty training continues to improve and he’s always learning and growing.  He is even more interested in painting and coloring than ever before.  He’s also enjoying playing with a whole bunch of blocks making skyscrapers! He has kicked off a fresh round of “Why?”-itis.  Everything is “Why?” and when he’s glum he says, “I want to go home” even if we are currently inside of our house.  Not sure what that’s about.  In a couple of weeks Lloyd will start preschool at Sunshine Special Children’s Studio on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Although we’re sure it will take a while for him to get comfortable, we’re hoping that the exposure to other children helps build his confidence and friendship-making skills.

Christmas was extra fun with Lloyd this year.   He really understood the whole concept and was so excited for Santa to come.  We wrote a letter for Santa before we went to bed and left cookies for him to eat.  Lloyd would lower his head onto his pillow and then sit up with a start, yelling/asking “IS SANTA HERE YET?!”  “No, he won’t come until you’re asleep,” we reminded him.  In the morning we brought him out of bed and the first thing he asked was if Comet and Blitzen were here.   It’s so nice because he is still not manic about the present opening.  He takes his time with each gift and brings the new toys over next to his old ones and mixes them all together.  It was a very nice morning for him with lots of gifts and treats.

Henry’s first Christmas was a little less positive.  He woke up that morning quite sick with a simultaneously stuffy and runny nose.  I can’t even imagine being a little baby with such a cold… all of the snot pouring out and none of the instincts to wipe it away!  So he just sits there with encrusted nostrils until someone braves the screaming that results from wiping his nose clean.  Poor guy.

However, he still continues to learn and grow.  Now Henry claps, gives high fives, does “touchdown” and is learning to wave.   He can clap and do “touchdown” on verbal cues alone.    He also babbles all of the time and can mimic noises.  His favorite is to squeal in the same tone as a noisy toy we have around.  He also can buzz his lips like an elephant along with me.   And it may just be wishful thinking, but it sure does seem like his “Dadadadadada”s are linked to Greg’s presence and the “Mamamamamama”s are saved for me.  : )

We were really lucky to see so many family and friends this holiday.  Alison and Paul, Brent, Dustin, Metta, Irene, Grandpa Jim, Caitlin, and Kylie all made the trip to see us here in Dexter.  It was amazing fun and very, very special.  We’re a spoiled bunch.

Happy New Year!

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  • 1 Amy // Jan 9, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Henry has stolen my heart with that face. Miss you all xoxo

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