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November 2012

December 1st, 2012 · No Comments

This was the month Lloyd really made some big changes in how he plays and makes up stories.  He started spending more time with small action-figure type toys (mostly jungle animals) and making up intricate tales of battles and friendship and families.  They’ve often paralleled the themes and plot-points of the Lion King, but many times Lloyd will take a story into a totally new direction.  One of my favorite overheard bits went like, “and the VERY ONE WOMAN who was NOT to be on the mountain…. WAS ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!!! So the Lion said, ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO THANK YOU!’

A couple other great Lloyd quotes:

Lloyd: I want to be President when I grow up… WAIT. NO. I want to be a mailman!
Lloyd: “some kids at school drew pictures of their families, but I drew a cash register full of super hot hot water.”

Henry is still a man of few words (but many grunts), however he is still learning new tricks.  For one, he is super duper into jumping and has been working on his technique as documented in this clip.   He also is able to recognize many more animals and objects (you say the noun, he points to the picture) and he can follow more elaborate verbal instructions.  He also picks his nose and eats what he excavates.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving filled with wonderful family and good food and are anxiously awaiting Lloyd’s 4th birthday celebrations!  xoxo


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