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December 2012

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(First off – I did some back-posting to catch you all up on our Halloween and our November. Enjoy!)

Another year gone by, another holiday season under our too-tight belts.

We started off the month celebrating our darling Lloyd who turned FOUR YEARS OLD.  In so many ways he seems much older than that (he’s so very smart, and so very large), but then he also seems like my little baby and the tantrums and whining sessions remind me he’s still got some growing-up to do : )

Lloyd with cake-face

Then we went off on an exciting one-night weekend trip to Chicago!  It was a TOO AMAZING present from Grace and Jerry.  We all went on the train where the boys ran all over the place.  Then it was to the hotel to drop off our bags, lunch with Nic (an old friend), then the aquarium and dinner and finally to bed.  It was our first night sleeping in a hotel room as a family, and everything went fine.   The next day we woke up and played; after breakfast Grace and Jerry took the boys swimming and to a Children’s Museum by Navy Pier.  Meanwhile, Greg and I went shopping on Michigan Ave, out to lunch, and then saw Book of Mormon (an irreverent and HILARIOUS musical).  We all met back up at the hotel to grab our bags and catch a cab to Union Station.  The boys were awake for less than two hours on the night-train, and slept soundly all the way back home.  It was an amazing time.


Henry on the train with Grandma

Lloyd is doing better and better at school, learning to socialize a bit more with his fellow students.  He’s definitely opened up to his teachers, telling them stories and making them laugh.  At his parent-teacher conference his main teacher commented on how advanced his verbal skills were and how smart he is.

One trick Lloyd does now is to manipulate language to try and skirt around restrictions.  For example, if he really wants me to play with him but I’m not available because I’m working, Greg will tell Lloyd I’m busy and he’d play with him.  Lloyd will start specifying, “No I really need a WOMAN to help me play” knowing full well I’m the only woman in the house.  He does this in a variety of ways and it’s pretty funny to watch him hunt for the words that would lead with only one resolution (whatever it is he’s hoping to single out).

Henry continues to be the little light of our household.  Even on difficult days he can stop us all in our tracks with a bright smile, a little dance, and the surprise introduction of a new word.  Henry LOVES stickers and coloring (on walls and floors, especially).  He loves being told the species name of whatever dinosaur he’s holding or pointing to.  Even without words you can tell he’s upset when you get the name wrong or admit you don’t know!   Henry also continues to be a bit of a brute, wailing on Lloyd especially.  We’re still working on that, and its interesting watch Lloyd oscillate between wanting Henry to stop and to get comfort from us and from hating listening to other kids get in trouble.  To tattle or not to tattle… it’s one of the main sibling questions.

And of course this month had Christmas!  We had a blast watching the boys as they were spoiled rotten by Santa, us, and of course our wonderful families. All of the Pittsburgh relatives were able to be in town for the holidays, and Caitlin and Kylie made it from Wisconsin!

There was a bit of a shadow over the holidays, as there were those whose absences were felt deeply.  We certainly miss Pa, and Helen, and Kevin, who all passed in the second half of 2012.   My Uncle Bill, a very sweet man who had early-onset Alzheimer’s, passed away the Friday before Christmas.  The funeral was held on the 26th.

Although we keep warm memories close to our hearts, we try and focus our eyes on the future.   Henry, especially, has such a tremendous year ahead: this will be the year – one can assume – he will learn to really talk!  And Baby, we are listening.

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