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September and October 2012

October 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

It’s been a while since I posted on the family blog!   Time for an update.

September started off with an adventure – Greg and my first vacation WITHOUT the kiddos!  Lloyd and Henry stayed with Grace and Jerry while Greg and I went off to Traverse City for a weekend, celebrating our five year wedding and ten year togetherness anniversary.  We had a nice time, although it was strange being away from our little men.

Lloyd started back up at regular preschool.  He goes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and is doing better with participating and playing other children.

Henry has slowly introduced a couple more words into his vocabulary – the most prevalent being NANA – which means “Banana.”  The kid would eat endless bananas.  : )   He’s also quite the helper around the house!  After he’s done with his food or his drink, he’ll overhand toss his dishes into the sink.  He’s also happy to throw away his trash and to put his diaper into the Diaper Genie.   It’s amazing how much he can comprehend – especially considering how little he says.   He’s also really mastered puzzles and is very dexterous.

Saying "Chheeee!" (Cheese)


However, it’s not all so cute!  : )   Henry has turned into even more of a brute than he was previously.  He’s a hitter, and a wrestler, and a thrower.  We’ve been working out our parenting muscles teaching Henry how to make good choices, and how to help Lloyd cope when he’s being terrorized.  There are lots of discussions about sharing and taking turn going on in this house, as Henry wants nothing more than to do exactly what Lloyd’s doing.   Henry can definitely tell when he’s being left out.

Usual stance=mid-throw

Even though there are plenty of battles, the whole brother relationship is getting more friendly than antagonistic.   Lloyd talks to Henry a lot more often, even though Henry doesn’t say anything back.  They cuddle and wrestle and enjoy making each other laugh.  The two have made cuddling each other a mandatory part of their go-to-sleep process and it’s very nice.

Lloyd has come up with a couple of new ways to help him deal with his anxieties.   One is by asking Greg or I to tell him about when WE were kids in the exact same situation in which he was currently experiencing.   For example, “Dad, would you tell me about when YOU were a student and didn’t like the loud kids?”  “Mom, would you tell me about when YOU didn’t feel like going to the store?”  Lloyd has also started saying “OR WHAT?!” As in – “Are we going to play on the deck, OR WHAT?!” It’s a little sassy, but it makes me smile.

We’ve been keeping plenty busy around here!  We have a family swim class we do on Tuesdays.  We’ve had a couple of new friends over for playmates, and recently Greg and Jerry took the dudes to Yost to see the UofM Alumni Hockey Game!  Making memories : )

We’ll do a separate post about Halloween after we enjoy the festivities.  Have a spooktacular holiday!

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