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Henry’s First Month (Lloyd’s 29thish)

May 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Life with two kids is amazing.  Any doubts I had about my ability to love another kid as much as I love Lloyd have flown out the window.  Without a doubt Henry is an integral part of our little family now.  He’s such a joy with his easy-going manner.  I’m not sure if it’s just because Greg and I are calmer this time around, or that we’ve learned some tricks, or if Henry is just a much more relaxed baby – but he is easy.  As for his stats he weighed 11 lbs and 10 oz on Friday, April 29th.

It does get crazy.  Sometimes it seems like I spend my whole day sprinting back and forth between whichever kid is whining loudest, feeling like a customer-service operator saying, “Your crying is very important to me.  Please hold until my hands are free.”  I think it actually makes me a better parent.  Lloyd has learned a lot about waiting his turn and Henry will be a better man for always having patience be a part of his life.

I started back at work this week.  It’s been exhausting, but we’re making it work.  Greg is still in Dexter so he doesn’t have any commute time and he’s around for lunch.  Also, both of the grandparents went out and bought car-seats for Lloyd and they are able to come get him and take him out for playdates.  That’s been amazing – knowing Lloyd is having fun and being loved, but getting a break for myself and time to bond with baby.

Having Henry around has given me even more appreciation for Lloyd’s communication skills.  His vocabulary seems endless now and everyday his sentences are becoming more complex and his pronunciation clearer.   The other day I heard him say (while searching for a chicken toy), “Maybe it’s on the table, I think…” and just now, while playing with some dinosaur toys he said, “Wait a second, let’s find my favorite…”  And on Easter while opening his eggs to find the treats inside he shouted out, “They’re hatching!!”   His new phrase is “What are you waiting for?”  : )

But on the other hand, I think having such a mouthy two-year-old is making me value the simplicity of a newborn even more.   Henry’s needs are simple: help me poop, change my diaper, how about some food?, help me sleep. Lloyd can voice very specific desires in a very whiney way (such as, “NOT MILK IN THIS CUP – ONLY ORANGE CUPS!!”) and that means defusing a whole temper tantrum and talking about manners and appreciating what we have – that can be exhausting at the end of the day.

It’s definitely weird being back in the infant stage.  Everyday it seems we have an Oh yea… moment.  Oh yea, we have to burp them.  Oh yea, they poop all the time, don’t they?  Oh yea, they wear these crazy outfits with 100s of snaps. At the hospital Henry was crying and crying and we were carrying him around and I was thinking, “Oh no, colic…” until finally I realized he might need a diaper change, and sure enough he had an inflated, meconium filled sacked just about ready to explode.   Oh yea…

And then there was one of our first nights at home as a family of four.  We had such a wonderful day enjoying each other but whoops!  Lloyd suddenly cries out, “My pants are wet!” and we realized we hadn’t changed his diaper in perhaps eight hours.  Oh yea, we have to change his diapers, too!  (Side note: I’m really glad we didn’t try and toilet train Lloyd before Henry came along.  That would have been too much and I’m more than happy to change two kids worth of diapers for now.)

As for Lloyd and Henry together as siblings – it’s early, but it’s working.  Lloyd cares about his baby brother and is paying attention to his needs.  He talks to him without any prompting and I have faith that they have many years of friendship ahead of them.   I love my family!

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  • 1 Abbey // May 2, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    You’re doing a great job! Thanks for posting an update! I was curious about how it was going! Great work you four!

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