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Dexter Tornado

March 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment

What can you say?  An F3 tornado hit Dexter this past Thursday.   All of the pictures below show damage done within a half-mile radius from our front door.  We’re very lucky!  Our property didn’t endure any damage and we’re all safe.  There are no reported injuries for anyone in Dexter, which is a gracious miracle.  The town has been bustling – lots of community support, lots of lookey-loo’s.  Lots of reporters and constant helicopters.

We heard the tornado siren Thursday in the early evening.  We turned on the television and saw the storm front coming our way on the radar.  At first it looked like Dexter was going to miss the worst of it, but then it became apparent that the giant red swirl or doppler dread was going to hit us head-on.   Lots of rain, then thunder and lightening, then hail.  The siren went off again and when I looked out the window I saw the falling leaves sort of hang in mid-air.  We lost power and that’s when we all moved into the bathroom.  Thank God Greg was home – forever the cool cucumber, forever sane and calm, always what I hope our sons will grow to be.   I did my best pretending I was calm… Tra la la!  Yes that is big lightening!  Yes, Lloyd, this is a big storm!  Yes we will be fine – our house is over 100 years old – it’s seen many storms…  Thankfully that last reassurance wasn’t contradicted!

We hung out in the bathtub for about five minutes.  The storm passed by very fast.   Soon it was just raining with a little thunder and lightening.  We ate dinner by candlelight.  Lloyd was very brave.  He didn’t cry at all until it was bedtime and he realized that we were asking him to go to sleep without a nightlight or his white noise.  That was difficult, exponentially so because he has a cough and wasn’t feeling well to begin with.    But the power came back on by 11pm and we had been in contact with many of our family and friends thanks to cell phones.

Here’s some information on how to donate to Dexter Relief if you feel so inclined. I can tell you that what we’ve seen from this community has been amazingly heart-warming: this is exactly the kind of place you want to raise your children.

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  • 1 Anna // Mar 17, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Soooooo glad you are all OK, and incredibly thankful damage in the community was limited to property. I have been hearing stories of how people in Dexter have been reaching out to those affected–while the storm and aftermath was unpleasant it is wonderful to see the care and compassion that followed.

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