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March and April Update

April 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Woops!  It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on the boys. This Spring has been very eventful for us Brands, and as a result, I’ve neglected the blog.  March was exciting: we all got very sick, then recovered in time to celebrate our beloved Henry’s first birthday. And of course there was the tornado. April kicked off with Greg taking his Professional Engineering Exam – a test he’s been studying diligently for since practically New Year’s Day.  We won’t know the results of the test for months, but Greg feels pretty good about his chances of passing, and it will be a very nice accreditation to have for his resume and business card.

Here is a link to an album of recent photos

After Greg took his test, we decided it was time to move Henry into Lloyd’s bedroom (out of our bedroom).  We had prepared Lloyd for this transition about 6 weeks in advance and Lloyd seemed excited.  Lloyd’s bedtime ritual had gotten pretty out of hand – either Greg or I would read him about three stories (and he likes move involved books at this point), and then he’d beg us to sit on the floor of his room until he fell asleep.   We knew Lloyd would really respond well to not being alone at night, but we were unsure of Henry’s ability to sleep through the night.   In our room Henry was still waking up multiple times during the night, and because we were lazy and exhausted, he’d just end up in bed with us, with everyone tossing and turning until morning.

However, Henry adjusted perfectly to being in “The Boys’ Room.”    The first night he woke up just one time: Greg nabbed him out of his crib, I rocked him for a while and put him back into bed and he went back to sleep with little fuss.   Lloyd never complained about Henry crying (sometimes Henry will cry for about five minutes before conking out) and in fact, by the third night or so, Lloyd got really upset when we tried to sneak Henry out of the room to give Lloyd some peace and quiet!    It’s changed their relationship, making them closer and Lloyd more willing to try and get Henry to play *with* him.   There’s a lot of wrestling, giggling, kissing, and cuddling.  It’s really nice to see and I know that as Henry grows and builds his vocabulary, there is tremendous potential for them to be best buds.

In regards to Henry’s current communication skills, he says “Mama/Mom” and “Dada,”  although not on cue (just when he wants us or when we’re snuggling).  He “Ooo Ooos” when we ask him what a monkey says (even without having a monkey-image on hand) and, in the same fashion, he “RAWRS” when we talk about dinosaurs.  A cow says something closer to “Moo” and he’s even started saying “Bye bye” when it’s time for us to go.  He also has quite a bit of Henry-ese, where he has a distinct, musical “Ahhhh” that means “Cat” and an exclamatory “Deh!” that means “I want THAT.”  He also says “Hi-ya” and “Ar-row?” which are his greetings : )

Henry is 24 and a half lbs, in the 90th percentile for height and the 70th for weight.   He is cutting his seventh tooth and is working on two molars.   He can eat every food except nuts (because he doesn’t have enough teeth to grind them.  We’ve given him peanut butter and he loves it), and we’re slowly working on weaning, although he’s only nursing three or four times a day currently.

And if you haven’t seen him in a while, you’d be surprised at Henry’s mobility!  Right before his first birthday he started taking consecutive steps.  Now he practically runs and loves to climb.

Lloyd is doing great.  He has developed a very nice relationship, not only with Henry but also with one of our cats (Montoya).  He’ll have Montoya sleep in his bed with him and pets her very sweetly.

Lloyd’s big phrases right now are:

  • “I never knowed (sic) that before!”
  • “Once when I was older… [insert story he makes up on the spot about his life as an adult]”
  • and also, he doesn’t know the difference between “universe” and “University of Michigan,” so sometimes he’ll say something like, “He’s the best artist in the whole University of Michigan!”
  • When he’s frustrated, he’s started threatening to “break the house”

He’s still really into naming things with funny, Germanic names.  He tells me stories about his 20 older sisters named Glum, Glomb, Cleemp, Bllarng, etc…  And when I do my exercise he tells me he has an exercise he does called “Pllerng Plarng” and then he proceeds to spin in circles.   It’s very entertaining.
As for us adults, it’s business as usual for me, although there is a little bit of adjustment trying to ensure that the boys are ready for a nap at the same time as each other.   As for Greg, he’s transitioning to a new project at the University of Michigan.  He’s very excited for something fresh, but it’s sad that our honeymoon period of having him be able to come home for lunch each day is over.  It was a really nice run!

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